Jennifer Kirk Hamilton

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Jennifer Kirk Hamilton

 Artists Statement 

My work is lively and quirky and just as likely to get a smile as quickly as a snicker at the subject matter. It speaks to the child, the inner self in all of us.  Who has never wanted a dog a companion to travel with us?  The man/dog relationship is explored without judgment or prejudice. Memories flood the viewer, not my memories but their own as each piece relates to viewers a slice of their daily walk and speaks to them on a sublime level.  

Most of us we will never be truly famous, be headliners, or experience third world pain and suffering. We will travel through the world surrounded by a small amount of familiar items we can call ours. We will know perhaps a few dozen people well in our lifetime. We will be members of several select groups and feel that that is the most important thing in the world. We will experience the world through the eyes of others, on TV shows, or limited vacations to other places we can never really know intimately. I do not paint that.  

I paint my thoughts; I paint my frustration at life; I paint what I see at the park. I add impressions of birds flying by, tangled bushes, the sound of a distant freight train; it’s all there.  I paint what is real to me and me alone; I paint what I see and experience first hand. I paint what I can relate to, on a ME basis.  I paint that, because that is who I am.   

 The focus of my work is my two dogs, which I portray on their daily walk exploring and discovering the world around them. My inspiration comes from the contemplation of a present reality. Like all walkers I am caught between reality of the world around me and a daydream. Walking releases thoughts, my mind wanders then is snapped back by practical concerns. The dogs are always portrayed focusing on the present. Swirling around them is energy, light and my projected daydreams.


About Jennifer

Jennifer’s work is expressionistic, with clean, vibrant colors and a combination of mediums. She not only conveys a personal, daily routine – she suggests a state of mind.  Bright colors and active expressive line work applied with energy and vigor punctuate all of her recent works. Dogs on their walk are the focus.  Not from the perspective of a portrait but as you the viewer actively taking part in the scene, walking your dog, enjoying the experience with the animal right in front of you, exploring, sniffing, pulling you along into the possibilities that could exist or reminding you of past experiences.


Jennifer shows her work art festivals in the Carolinas, Ohio, Virginia and Georgia and occasional open studio events at her studio loft in Rock Hill, SC. 


Jennifer was born on a Marine Base in Oceanside California, after living in the desert near Bakersfield her parents moved north to Napa Valley.  After she graduated in 1968 from Calistoga High School, she worked briefly as an Au pair in England, then hitchhiking around Europe. Returning to the states in 1969 a young married mother she and her  husband lived a few years in Florida then moved to South Carolina. She began a formal education on art in 1980 at Winthrop Collage and continued learning at art workshop at Myrtle Beach studying with top artists from around the country.

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