how to link to this site

We only post reciprocal links. Please do not send a paragraph on the value of linking, hype about how it is good for me etc.  Send only the info needed to link,  and a request of "Please" If you have a links page, I will link back, it is that simple. Exceptions:  I do not link to porn' or questionable sites. I reserve the right to be the judge of good links to and from this site. 
As of December 2006 I am limiting the number of non art related sites.

*If your link was removed. I could not find a link back to my site on yours.  If I was wrong send me the URL of my link and the current linking info for your site.  Also, if your site is not art related I will no longer post your link.  Any site that is currently non-art related on this site is grandfathered in only if they have maintained my link.

Link Builders and wizard people :  If the site your are promoting cannot show me a link page with out a lot of digging.  forget it.  I need to be able to find my link with one click.  If the links directory is a separate URL, you might want to rethink. Google considers many of these three way links as spam linking now.
Thank You, webmaster: J. Hamilton

For TEXT links

copy and paste

Fine Arts Emporium - For Artists and Art Lovers

Link it to :

You may use this banner if you like. Copy it onto your hard drive and link it to 

or:  you may use this html:

<p><a href="">Fine Arts Emporium </a>- For Artists and Art Lovers</p>

It will look like this

Fine Arts Emporium - For Artists and Art Lovers

E-mail me with Your linking info: Title: Description: URL:  Page (exact*)where I can find my link.  I do not post banners. 

*If I have to click one than once to find a my link,  well, forget it.  Send the exact page info please.