Carrie Burns Brown
March 3-9 2002

Alternative Choices for New Life for Your Paintings

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 The primary focus in this experimental watermedia collage workshop will be to explore the possibilities of application of many different collage papers. Some papers we will dye, others, such as "found" papers and unresolved watermedia paintings will be used in our search for practical alternatives and fresh solutions for stronger design and color harmony in our work.

Emphasis will be on the study of the full potential of acrylic paint as a transparent, translucent and opaque water medium. Application  of acrylic can be applied to used watercolor paper or canvas. Acrylic techniques will also be used in some collages. There will be an introduction of collage "transfers".

Demonstrations of paper collage applied to new beginnings and old unresolved watermedia paintings will be throughout the workshop.

"Alternative Choices" can be a simple and direct way to redesign color, line, pattern and texture that pushes the artist to higher levels of ability. constructing a new surface can make the work vibrant and exciting.

Carrie Brown


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