Jean H. Grastorf, A.W.S., N.W.S.

March 3-9 2002

Pouring Luminous Washes

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Daily demonstrations will cover a unique approach to layering that emphasizes the special beauty and luminosity of transparent watercolor. As well as the "techniques and tools of the trade", the session will cover compositional issues and the importance of an individual interpretation of the resource material. One-on-one as well as group critiques will provide opportunities for students to enjoy the results of this blend of "chaos and control".


Jean is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology. Now a resident of Florida, she is a Signature Member of numerous national watercolor societies and a director of the American Watercolor Society. Her work may be found in the periodicals "Watercolor" and Watercolor Magic." She is the cover artist for the summer 2000 edition of "Watercolor Magic". Jean has been the recipient of major awards on the national level, including First Awards from the National and Southern Watercolor Societies.