George James
March 17-23 2002

Figurative Watercolor on Synthetic Paper

This workshop is directed to developing strategies for the watercolor artist's personal use of Yupo paper in watercolor painting. Related areas of creative representation techniques, design, and the figurative context will be addressed. There will be demonstrations and work sessions using the model with the emphasis on finding your voice as a watercolor artist. Personal and group evaluation for exhibition preparation will be available.


George James, A.W.S., D.F., N.W.S., is Professor Emeritus of Art at California State University at Fullerton, California, where he has taught since 1968. during those years, he participated in the watercolor painting world with one man shows, group shows, and regional, national, and international exhibitions. Working on synthetic paper, and with traditional watercolor media, he has been able to take the watercolor medium to a new creative experience.