Supply List - Jean Grastorf

Paper Arches 140lb cold press-two 22" X 30" sheets
Boards Two boards large enough for a half-sheet. I prefer "Gatorborad", but plywood is also satisfactory.
Paints permanent tube pigments:
Blues Winsor or phthalo
  Reds Davinci's red rose deep or Winsor red. Alizarin crimson
Yellows Hansa yellow light or Winsor Yellow
Brushes To wet the paper we will use a large flat similar to Robert Simmons 2" Skyflow, or a Hake brush. (also bring your favorite brushes and an old bristle brush to soften edges.
Palette White tray or palette
Water Container - One quart or larger.
Masking fluid I prefer the "White Mask". Bring an old soft nylon brush to apply the masking fluid and a rubber-cement pick-up to remove it.
Resource Materials sketches, photos, etc., with simple patterns. We are looking for an uncomplicated design with recognizable light, middle and dark values.
Other Necessities Masking tape Kneaded eraser
  Sketch paper Kleenex or paper towels
  Tracing Paper Spray bottle
  HB Pencil Graphite transfer paper
  Stapler & staples Six clear plastic cups
  Small soft sponge  
also please bring two paintings or slides of your work so that I may better comment on your progress.