bullet Gloss or Matte Medium - I use both, mostly gloss
bullet Elmer's Glue - for heavy paper
bullet Papers to be Stained: White tissue paper (art) - Rice papers, white or cream, thick or thin - plain or with strings.
bullet Found Papers: Such as, old prints, photos, sheet music, printed labels, antique relics etc.
bullet Large White Plastic Bags: to be used under the wet stained papers.
bullet Unsuccessful paintings: to be collaged or torn for collage.
bullet New Surfaces: a few sheets of watercolor paper, whatever you like, heavy is good. 1 piece of "Cresent Illustration" board cut into three pieces- how about a square, 20 x20 and two long ones
bullet Mat Board: 2 white pieces -app.. 13" x 13" to be used for collages.
bullet view Finder: Cut a view finder out of mat board or paper - Opening about 1" -a "slide" case works very well. You will use the "View finder" to locate images in magazines.
bullet Images from Magazines: The excerpts from your magazines or wherever should be colorful and abstract. Soft edges work well for collage.
bullet Brayer (or roller) for fusing of papers.
bullet Spray bottle and brushes: old brush for applying medium.
bullet Paints- include Golden Fluid Acrylics/Liquitex Concentrated Artist color/ suggested colors given at sign-up
bullet Gesso- black and white
bullet Inks, liquid watercolor if you have them (also used for staining paper)