March 3-9 workshop     

bullet One Standard Palette (specially made for watercolor)
bullet Brushes - These can also be standard and should include a large, medium and small in both a flat and round shape. Expensive brushes or specific brands is not necessary. If you are buying brushes for the first time Golden Edge series by Grumbacher is good.
bullet Transparent Watercolors (tube) Specific brand is not important but they should include at least the following colors
Cadmium Yellow (medium or light)
Cadmium Red (medium)
Raw Siena
Rose Madder
Thalo Blue (or Windsor)
Hookers Green Deep
Thalo Green
Burnt Siena
Raw Umber
Violet (pick one)
Yellow Ochre
bullet Papers - Participants should bring at least 8 sheets of cold press Arches 140lb or 300lb and three sheets of smooth hot press paper.
bullet Support- You will need a rigid support such as Gator Board or an 'art' board you can easily staple into. Three of these would prove to be advisable.
bullet Misc. Stapler to attach sheets of paper (desk if Gator board, heavier stapler if wood support). Water container, hair dryer (optional)