Personalizing Color  


bullet The Skipper 1", 11/2" & 2" (bristle Brush)
bullet Number 8, 10, 12 Round sable Legend by CIAS

Pigments - by American Journey Watercolors

Sour Lemon ( Hansa

Blue Gray (Holbein)
Gamboge Joe's Green
Red Hot Momma Raw Sienna
Permanent rose (quinacridone Yellow Ochre
Ultramarine blue Passionate Purple
Andrews Turquoise cobalt blue
Peachy Keen Skips Green
Blue Gray (Holbein) Indian Yellow
Alizarin Crimson Cerulean blue
Cadmium Yellow Light Cadmium Red
Quinacridone Violet

Misc. Materials

        sketch book 0" x 12"

        Palette ( I prefer one without deep wells"

        Sealed Board 1" larger than paper size


        d'Arches 140lb. cold or rough pressed

I have listed the material which I generally use.  However, these items are not required. Let experience be your guide.