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Janet Walsh


Lemon Yellow or Cad Yellow Pale Cerulean blue
Indian Yellow Cobalt Blue
Raw Sienna French Ultramarine
Raw Umber Phthalo violet
Juane Brilliant #2 Holbein Phthalo blue
Cadmium Orange Cobalt Violet (da Vinci)
Cadmium Scarlet Permanent Magenta
Cadmium Red Permanent Green #1 (Holbein)
Winsor or Phthalo Red Phthalo Green
Permanent Alizarin Crimson Cobalt Turquoise
Permanent rose Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Optional Colors include: Quinacridone Magenta
Quinacridone Gold

Brushes:  Brushes should have good points and lots of spring.

Flat: Winsor & Newton #995 - 3/4" wide

Round: CJAS Water hawk - Size 8

Isabey 6234 #4 or 6235 #6 or 2" FLAT     

for corrections a small makeup sponge and/or CJAS Fitch flat Scrubber #8

Paper: there are many good papers available. I prefer 140 Cold Press, either Fabriano, Arches, Waterford, Kilimanjaro, or Lanaquarelle.  Size is your choice. Paper should be cut down to size so you can  handle it with ease.  If you do this, bring a board (i.e. Foamcoar, or Gatorboard) to use as backing when you paint.  Bring some inexpensive watercolor paper for exercises, and a sketchbook for sketching and notes.