Elizabeth Yarosz-Ash

November 10-16 2002


A Primary Experience

This course will teach, through demonstration and activities, watercolor techniques that will expand your perception of watercolor painting. The focus will be on exploring primary color theory: making the most out of yellow, red, and blue. Alternative painting surfaces (Yupo, watercolor monotype) and techniques will be investigated. There will be exercises in sensitive treatment of transparent pigment on these surfaces with tools in addition to traditional brushes.

Students will pursue individual interests in subject and style. Choices may range from still life, landscape, portraits to abstraction. Participants are urged to bring a portfolio selection of their work for a comprehensive review. Individuals will be offers suggestions on how to establish their own distinctive visual mark. All levels are welcome.

Elizabeth Yarose-Ash is a member of the Watercolor USA Honor Society, she has been in over 250 exhibitions, has won 66 awards, been featured in many publications , including: The Artist's Magazine, Splash, and Watercolor. She is a well-respected workshop instructor. She has juried many national exhibitions, including Watercolor USA 1993, 34th Annual Southwestern Watercolor Society Exhibition, and the 1995 Rocky Mountain National.