a break from art


I just can't believe someone would spend their time doing this... site 
Visit  the Museum of Dirt

For Trekie Fans: and others 
Warped Space: from Big Daves
Universe- This is a farriery-equestrian  web site but his section on other things is delightful.

Spend an afternoon at the Kudzu Cafe
games- tarot readings, and more

Anagram.Com?  Type in a word and see what happens. This site is for the easily amused.

Click here at your own risk! You're just going to have to do it to find out!

Finally found it: The Jackalope Conspiracy Uncovered  You got to see this one!

Get an Internet Pizza delivered direct to your e-mail box. From Internet Pizza


 Sometimes we all need a break from art.  Bookmark this page, because  new links to those cool sites, you can never seem to find, will keep popping up.  Going to find them.

The sites on this page amused me.  Got One.  Let me know. If, and only if, I like it, I will put it in.  To qualify:  think of the easily amused.