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Tuesday November 7 2006 a little storm came up. It rained all day.

But on Wednesday, the rain held off, at least on the beach. It was cloudy all day. But we didn't have to use the umbrellas once.  On Wednesday night we had the Walk Around. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Phillis class

Phillis Class

walking across the campus can get quiet

Skip Lawrence waiting for the elevator

Skip Lawerence and Glenn Bradshaw

Purenell Pettyjohn

Now What?

Peg Warren and Jodi

Peg and Jodi

Katherine Liu and Barbara

Heather Orr and Claudia Thompson

Alex Powers

Vera Jones talks about her art

Fran Larsen and Dottie

The Third week was a fast one.  Just seems like the workshops go so quickly. Here are a few shots from the Wednesday night walk-around.

webb class

webb class

webb in class

crossing the road

betts class

betts class

betts in class

dews in class

dews class

brommer in class

brommer class

brommer class

class ?

powers class

andrews class

andrews class

andrews Class

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