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Fall 2001 - second week

students at check in

Steve and Miriam on their way to dinner

Sunday dinner (a view from the window)

Jerry and Georgia Brommer

Claudia gives first night speach and the workshop begins

November 5, early morning.

Cass posses in Alex Powers class.

Schinks class prepars for lecture.

Jim Norman

Pernnell, photo by Schink.

November 6- was a hard day all around. A little R & R was necessary.

November 7- Steve McCrae's Birthday and the Wednesday night walk around.

repairs are still being done from the tornado that came through the complex several months ago.

Steve McCrae, monitors Harriet Goode and Suzanne Till.

Steve gets his birthday kiss from Roze Mets.

Glen Bradshaw explaines his work at walk-around.

goofing off, Norma and Kathy

Monitor Vera, contemplates works with student.

Wendesday evening social hour.

Jane Padens figures on display during walk-around.

Alex Powers class during walk-around.

November 8- class continues

staining papers in Carrie Browns class.

Topher and Skip

Students prepare for walk to museum

Bu King

Friday- Show and Tell