Junkie Archives 2004


Tim Patterson explains the renumbering of the rooms, and how everyone was to get a new key. Remember this happened on Sunday second week.  That Monday was the Ides of March-  it lived up to it's name.  When we got our keys, anyone on the third floor up found they didn't work.  Marched across campus to get it re-keyed only to find that two hours later, that key didn't work.  I'm happy to report however, we were all happily in our rooms by 11pm. No more problems were reported that week, I think.

Third week, Spring 2004

Sunday night social lots of new faces

Johanne, Cathy and Carrie

Hi Gate

Liu and Powers

New instructor Pat Dews with Heather

and some old faces




Another breakfast, new for some.

Model poses with Serge Hollerbach

during class, everyone

made the most of the event.

another social hour

Peg and Deborah

A.K. and Louise Cadillac

This one is for Gatewood, an afterhour jaze concert. was very good.

Waiting for the Monday night slide show by Serge Hollerbach

third week- outdoor class with Serge Hollerbach

Classroom on the pier.

Classroom on the beach.

Serge Hollerbach poses with model

New look for Cathy Serle

Claudia by Vera

Janet Bakers art is viewed

Blue ribbon at walk around

Hollerbach class during Walk around