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My name is Jewel Reavis and I am the current president of the Southern Arts
Society based in Kings Mountain, NC. Please post the death of our friend
A.B. Snow on the Springmaid website.  My phone number is 803-327-3147 in
Rock Hill, SC.
A.B. Snow of Kings Mountain, NC died on May 31 after a six month illness.
A.B. Snow was a founding member of the Southern Arts Society in Kings
Mountain.  She was talented and productive artist and a regular at the
Springmaid Workshops in Myrtle Beach since they began. 

A.B. was the heart of the Southern Arts Society.  In 1984 A.B. gathered a
dozen friends and newcomers to start an art group to encourage each other
and promote the arts in the community.  The Southern Arts Society was so
named to be inclusive of anyone, anywhere who wanted to join to learn and
grow as an artist.  A.B. did the newsletter, mailings and organized
programs.  She gave us all advice on our artwork.  She could always see how
to fix a painting when you were stuck.  Everything we did had her input and

A.B. was a pied piper for children.  She was always there with a smile and
a hug for everyone.  She brought the late John Brady to Kings Mountain to
teach adult and children's classes.  A.B. herself taught many classes and
will be remembered for the encouragement she gave to those who tried.  A.B.
will be greatly missed by all.
A.B.'s family asked that anyone wishing to honor her memory do so by making
a memorial to the Southern Arts Society, P.O. Box 334, Kings Mountain, NC,
Donations can be sent for our Scholarship fund or for the Depot renovation
fund.  Our scholarships go to Cleveland County students studying visual
arts in college.

The Southern Arts Society is currently renovating the old railway depot to
create the Kings Mountain Art Center, to be managed by us.  This Art Center
will be our permanent home. There will be two galleries, one for adults and
one for children and a large workshop space.  We will have programs for
both adults and children.  The Children's gallery will be named the A.B.
Snow Children's Gallery in her memory. 
I should note that A.B.'s longtime friend and fellow artist Zoltan Zabo of
Mathews, NC also died on May 31st.  Our region lost two great artists and
friends in one sad moment.