Monday October 31st 

Serge Hollerbach demonstrates to students how a person does not look walking, and then poses with his models for what he calls a common 'sitcheation' on the pier.

but after class, at happy hour, we all remembered it was October 31st



Lolita and "Some Tour Guide" I think it might be Don Andrews

Cheer Leaders?

Our bumble bee took third




Winners from first week fall workshops costume contest.

Got to apologize to many of my loyal readers.  I have been a monitor in Bradshaw's class this week, so much time to paint, the left brain, or is that right brain just does not permit me to focus on much else.  However I cannot remember a workshop with better weather.  It has just turned a little cold this morning, not too bad.  We didn't have one rainy day either.  The walk-around was great on Wednesday and photos are from that.  Workman are starting on the top floor and will be renovating all the room in the live oaks building, they promise us new bed spreads!  This is my last post for 2005.  See you in the spring.

posted November 22 2005