First   Session  - Spring  3/4-3/10 2007


All Classes are held at the Springmaid Beach Facility

 Figurative Watercolor on Synthetic Paper

George James A.W.S, N.W.S is Professor Emeritus of Art at California State university at Fullerton, California, where he has taught since 1968. during those years, he participated in the watercolor painting world with one man shows, group shows and regional, national, and international exhibitions. Working on synthetic paper, and with traditional watercolor media, he has been able to take the watercolor medium to a new creative experience. This area of research in the watercolor medium had never been explored by the watercolor community and he has received a number of awards for the uniqueness of his approach, including the 1999 A.W.S Gold Medal and the 2001 A.W.S Bronze medal and the N.W.S Silver Star.

- This workshop is directed to developing strategies for the watercolor artist's personal use of YUPO paper in watercolor painting. Related areas of creative representation techniques, design, and the figurative context will be addressed. there will be demonstrations and your work sessions using the model with the emphasis on finding your voice as watercolor artist. Personal and group evaluation for exhibition preparation will be available.


When: 3/4-3/10 2007

Instructor: George James

class type:  watercolor on yupo

Level - Intermediate to Advanced

 Watercolor Free and Easy

Eric Wiegardt, A.W.S., N.W.S. , is a nationally recognized judge, juror, award winner and has more than 20 years of professional painting and teaching experience. A graduate of the American Academy of Art, Chicago, Eric is the author of Watercolor Free & Easy and is featured in many books and several national publications.

The class explores composition and the creation of a personal visual vocabulary. Enjoy opportunities for new spontaneity as you learn his exciting collage technique that eliminates liquid adhesives from the collage-making process.




When: 3/4-3/10 2007

Instructor:  Eric Wiegardt

class type-traditional/watercolor

Level - All Levels

Master Class

Glenn Bradshaw, A.W.S., N.W.S., N.A., is Professor Emeritus of Art from the University of Illinois. His paintings have been exhibited internationally and he is a frequent juror for national exhibitions.

The Master Class is essentially an open studio in which each participant paints in the manner that he or she chooses. There is no one mode or concept that is encouraged more than any other. All water media and combinations of media are welcome.


When: 3/4-3/10 2007

Instructor: Glen Bradshaw

class type- master class

Level - Advanced

From Abstraction to Realism Through Design

John Salminen A.W.S., N.W.S., D.F. is also a member of the Watercolor USA Honor Society and holds Master status in the Transparent Watercolor Society of America. He has won numerous prizes including the Sliver Medal and three High Winds Medals in A.W.S. exhibitions.

This workshop will begin with pure abstraction and conclude with realism. His non-threatening approach to abstraction will encourage representational painters to experiment with a different style and will challenge experienced abstract painters to expand their possibilities in expressing their creative voices. Having completed a successful abstraction, participants will apply the same design concepts to the development of a realistic piece. There will be demos, critiques, and lots of individual help. Artists will learn to use design as a bridge between abstraction and realism.


When: 3/4-3/10 2007

Instructor: John Salminen

class type- design/watercolor

level- Intermediate

Watermedia Collage - Carrie Brown N.W.S. has studied art extensively and has painted, exhibited and conducted classes for thirty years. Her innovative ways have prompted inclusion of her work in publications such as Gerald Brommer's Collage Techniques and May Ann Beckwith's Creative Watercolor.

The primary focus in this experimental  watermedia collage workshop will be to explore the possibilities of the application of many different collage papers. Some papers we will dye, others, such as "found" papers and unresolved watermedia paintings will be used in our search for practical alternatives and fresh solutions for stronger design and color harmony in our work.
Emphasis will be on the study of the full potential of acrylic paint as a transparent, translucent, and opaque water medium. Acrylic techniques will also be used in some collages. there will be demonstrations of paper collage applied to new beginnings and old unresolved paintings throughout the workshop.


When: 3/4-3/10 2007

Instructor: Carrie Brown

class type - collage

level- Beginner-Intermediate

Composition Based on the Figure -
Carla O'Connor is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, the American Watercolor Society, and the Northwest Watercolor Society and an A.W.S Dolphin Fellow. She has conducted private classes and watercolor workshops across the US and Canada, and is a frequent juror for national and regional exhibition. Her award-winning paintings are featured in numerous publications.

This workshop stresses bold composition and strong design using the human figure for inspiration. A different aspect of design is the focus of each day's lesson: shape, light, linkage, texture, space, etc. We will explore abstraction, emphasize "the process" and concentrate on composing the entire page. there will be costumed models each morning. Each participant's preferences, originality, and creativity are most important. Carla will be using transparent watercolor and gouache and will include frequent mini-demos with these mediums in a direct painting method.






When: 3/4/-3/10 2007

Instructor: Carla O'Connor

class type - figure

level - Intermediate - Advanced




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