Second Session - Spring  3/11-3/17-2006

    All classes are held at the Springmaid Beach Facility


Collage Techniques and Creative Exploration

 Jonathan Talbot, is the author of Collage: A New Approach. His works have been exhibited at the National Academy and the Museum of Modern Art in New York and have represented the U.S. overseas in exhibitions sponsored by the State Department and the Smithsonian Institution.

Most painting problems are the violation of an elementary painting principle. Eric has identified five important problem areas of design that most students overlook. He will demonstrate how to put together a painting of brilliant color, bold brush statements and fluidity. Students will be encouraged to paint loosely, break the niggling detail habit, construct a beautiful painting in one sitting, and free creative thinking from cumbersome theories of color and composition. A variety of subjects will be painted which may include landscapes, marinescapes, florals, streetscapes and still life.


When: 3/11-3/17 2007

Jonathan Talbot

class type:  collage

Level of instruction
Beginner to Advanced


Master Class/    

Glenn Bradshaw, A.W.S., N.W.S., N.A., is Professor Emeritus of Art from the University of Illinois. His paintings have been exhibited internationally and he is a frequent juror for national exhibitions.

The Master Class is essentially an open studio in which each participant paints in the manner that he or she chooses. There is no one mode or concept that is encouraged more than any other. All water media and combinations of media are welcome.

When: 3/11-3/17 2007

Glen Bradshaw

class type: Open Studio

Level of instruction


 Painting Like You -

William B. (Skip) Lawrence received a B.F.A. degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art and M.A. degree from Towson University. North Light published his book, “Painting Light and Shadow in Watercolor”, in 1994. Skip has conducted hundreds of workshops throughout the U.S. and abroad and continues to find teaching a rewarding and stimulating activity reinforcing and adding to his enthusiasm for painting. He is an articulate teacher who brings warmth and humor to his classes, sharing personal experience and professional insight.
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This class is about looking at options and making choices. Through slide programs, painting demonstrations, lectures and critiques, students will choose that part of the painting language that is most suited to their expressive intentions.

When:3/11-3/17 2007

William (Skip) Lawrence

class type: watercolor/acrylic

Level of instruction:

Design and Personal Style - with limited models

Alex Powers lives in Myrtle Beach, SC.   His book, Painting People in Watercolor - A Design Approach, was re-issued in paperback by Watson-Guptill in 1997.

This session is for participants who are neither beginners nor very advanced. The workshop will cover design (slide lecture, demos, exercises, individual help), the search for a personal style, a complete painting demonstration and discussion, technique, critiques, and optional after-class group critiques and art videos. these class activities should make for a stimulating week that will clarify troubling issues and advance participants to the next level of accomplishment and satisfaction.

When:3/11-3/17 2007

Instructor: Alex Powers

class type: open

Intermediate to Advanced

Open Painting/Critique Studio -

Katherine Chang Liu, N.W.S., is a full-time exhibiting artist who shows internationally. Her work has been featured in 21 books and over 45 articles. She has taught for museums and various art groups since 1978.

This session is for experienced artists who need a thorough evaluation of their body of work independently in their usual approaches in any media. The participant provides no more than 12 slides of actual paintings of recent work for an in-depth private discussion of his or her strengths and individuality. A second private critique, derived from work done in class, will suggest adjustments to the artist's visual language. the week will end with a group critique.

When:3/11-3/17 2007

Instructor: Katherine Chang Liu

class type: Open Studio

level:  Intermediate Advanced

Color Emphasis Landscape Workshop - (Studio)

Don Andrews, A.W.S. is a graduate of Ringling School of Art and a past board of director of the American Watercolor Society. He has conducted over 200 workshops throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico and is author of Interpreting the Figure in Watercolor, published by Watson-Guptill.
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Through the language of watercolor, we can learn to explore the natural world around us in fresh, exciting and more personal ways. Don's color Emphasis Landscape class isn't geared to any specific level of achievement; rather, artists at all levels will benefit from the week-long exploration into color and design, and their utilization in the exciting world of landscape painting. this studio workshop will be will be packed with demonstrations, discussions, individual help, personal critiques, as well as group critiques.

When:3/11-3/17 2007

Instructor: Don Andrews

class type: traditional watercolor

level: All


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