On going Art Project - 2002

The following digital photographs are a daily journal. They will describe a life experience. It is a self challenge.  There is no lesson to be learned here. There is no deep meaning.  Life is meant to be lived. I am an artist struggling with my own identity. In the following pages a year will unfold. What we see and how we see it can be the only identity an artist can ever have.  *Jenny Hamilton

 2002  Every morning I walk with my two dogs Poo and Luke. Most of the imagery is captured and worked with on a daily basis. My restrictions are that the newest photos be used each day.

All of the work in this Journal is original digital photographs taken with a Sony Cyper-Shot. I am using Adobe Essentials as my photo editor. I have one source of imagery that is the park I walk in every day. Each day new photos are used to create the works you will see here.