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Watkins Grill

Rock Hill became a town in 1852 when the Charlotte-Columbia-Augusta Railroad was completed. Cotton was the main industry in the city until the late 1800s. When cotton mills were built the cotton instead of being shipped out for milling was turned into cloth right here.   Mill villages sprang up and the popultion center of the county began to change. 


Watkins Grill, the Main Street Location


Watkins has been a destination for downtown residents for more than fifty years.  A photo history of the town adorned the walls. When we started this project Wakins was still at this location. By the time the year was up, they had moved. It seemed fitting to begin and end our tour with the same business in different locations.  


In Two thousand and ten Eileen and I did a fact update on locations. Watkins had closed its doors forever in 1999.

Begin Tour

Begin the tour on Main Street in downtown Rock Hill.  Driving away from David Lyle Blvd turn left onto Oakland Avenue. Drive north toward Winthrop. Turn left onto Piano road. 

Watkins Grill by Jenny Hamilton 1995

Watkins Grill - Jenny Hamilton

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